About Us   
BioAcoustics is a leading UK supplier of specialist noise, speech and hearing solutions for the deaf and hearing impaired.
Your expectations will be exceeded by our provision of assistive listening devices (ALDs) and tailor-made systems, specific to individual needs. You benefit from vital knowledge gained over 25 years of industry experience, listening to feedback, investing in research, and participating in product development with partners. Your customers benefit from greater accessibility and a higher quality of life.
As your assistive technology supplier and service partner, BioAcoustics ensures efficient delivery, installation and aftercare for effective listening solutions using the highest quality products from the most reliable manufacturers. If you work for the public and private sector, across educational, entertainment, business and domestic markets, with the help of BioAcoustics you can make hearing easier for individuals in any sized venue, indoors or out.
Strong consumer empathy underlies BioAcoustics’ provision as industry educators within the specialist field of communication solutions for the sensory impaired. Our consumer website, www.futuresenior.co.uk offers a wide range of easy living products and friendly customer services to compliment and augment the specialist hearing technology solutions enjoyed by BioAcoustics resellers.
BioAcoustics is a respected and professional brand, committed to its customers, staff and partners. We are proud of our innovative solutions, quality products, attention to detail and ethical trading. Our team is a valued asset and BioAcoustics believes in continual personal development and employs a diverse, characterful workforce.
To find out more about BioAcoustics or futuresenior products or services, please contact us at: