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All the products we sell come with comprehensive instructions.
If however, you experience difficulties using any of our products, please contact us at


Mead House
1 Spring Place

Tel: 01582 431000

Fax: 01582 488227

BioAcoustics is a trading name of NewAnglo Limited, registered in England and Wales No: 2950780

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Repairs and Service

When you make a considerable investment in a new product we want you to have the peace of mind that although they come with warranties of up to 2 years, we are always happy to provide a comprehensive and economic repair and refurbishment service to extend the life of your product.

A range of spares and accessories are also available and are shown underneath product details throughout our website. Whether you need an additional headset for a TV listener or just replacement ear-tips or batteries, we will be able to help you.

When contacting our helpdesk please have the model number and a brief explanation of the fault. In our experience the problem is not all ways what you first imagine and often may relate to how the item is set up.